Why OFR?

Understand your overdose trends.

Understand your overdose trends.

Identify missed opportunities for prevention and intervention.

Identify missed opportunities for prevention and intervention.

overdose prevention

Implement innovative, community-specific overdose prevention strategies.

A nationally recognized model, OFR is being used by a growing number of communities to strengthen their community-based responses to the opioid epidemic by generating recommendations to address system, agency, population, research, and policy needs.

What do OFRs involve?

  1. Analysis and review

    of aggregate data to understand overdose trends, select cases to review, and provide content for case findings and recommendations

  2. Facilitation

    of a series of confidential individual death reviews by a multidisciplinary team to effectively identify system gaps; missed opportunities for prevention and intervention; and innovative, community-specific prevention and intervention strategies

  3. Implement recommendations

    by presenting recommendations to a governing committee that supports and provides resources for implementation and a framework for accountability for action

OFR Multidisciplinary Members

OFR teams need a diverse set of members from disciplines and sectors that represent different agencies and the community. Blending input from public health professionals, public safety agencies, providers, and the community will result in a more complete understanding of the community, the services available, and the decedent’s life and interactions. Common core members of an OFR include:

  • Medical examiner or coroner
  • Public health professionals
  • Public safety agencies, including first responders and the criminal justice system
  • Health care systems
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Child services

OFR training and technical assistance is available to support new and existing OFR initiatives.

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